Real world experience and training expertise across a wide portfolio of complex learning and high-risk environments.

Aquila’s hand-picked consultants come from a wide range of roles in learning, aviation and other sectors that rely on quality training to mitigate risk; from pilots to learning and development professionals, our people understand the importance of training for highly demanding occupations. With over 100 year of combined experience, our subject matter experts are phenomenal at what they do and bring their insight and experience to your organisation.

Some of the roles our consultants have performed:

  • Civilian learning and development managers
  • Military training managers
  • Management consultants
  • Commercial airline pilots and instructors
  • Military pilots and instructors
  • Military aircrew
  • Military engineers

With this experience and knowledge, our team are the best in the business at helping your people to learn and helping your organisation to reduce risk and protect life and assets.