ALaRMS™. The future of training management systems for demanding and highly complex training.

The Aquila Learning and Risk Management System (ALaRMS) enables organisations to analyse, design, deliver, evaluate and assure complex training programmes for high-risk occupations in highly regulated industries (such as aviation, rail, and nuclear among many others). ALaRMS also allows organisations to audit and assure training against common standards such as S6000T, ISO 9001 and the Ministry of Defence DSAT Quality Standard in a very easy, efficient and manageable way.

ALaRMS offers the benefits of both a Learning Management System (LMS) for training delivery and a Training Management System (TMS) for training analysis, design, evaluation and assurance. ALaRMS is the only one of its kind, bringing the fundamental aspects of training delivery, training management and risk management to high risk occupations where training is imperative to safety, operational effectiveness and compliance with set standards and regulations.

ALaRMS can also be deployed in modules allowing clients that already have their own LMS to utilise the analysis and design functions only as required.

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Analyse. Design. Deliver. Assure.

ALaRMS has been designed with a ‘systems approach’ to training methodology at its core, allowing organisations to manage training end-to-end, and not just the delivery of training like standard learning management systems (LMS) on the market. As a result, ALaRMS is compliant with systems approach to training standards, creating an automated and manageable Training Quality Management Standard.

ALaRMS seamlessly ties together the 4 pillars of learning management into one integrated training management system (TMS). These are:

Create training that is efficient, effective and safe.

ALaRMS is a next generation training management system designed for industries that have highly regulated training standards, safety standards and have the potential to be high-risk if compliance and training standards are not met. These include aviation and space, shipping, military and firearms, rail, nuclear, mining and medicine, among others.

ALaRMS allows for efficient delivery of training analysis, design, delivery and evaluation/assurance. The application is incredibly intuitive for users and cuts the man-hours required to manually design, deliver and manage complex training systems.

The changing safety and assurance culture in high-risk industries is fuelling the requirement for robust management of training and associated risk. This is prominent across many industries such as aviation and defence sectors who have invested huge amounts of time and capital to manage a safe way of training. ALaRMS is a tool that makes sense of these complicated training systems and the governance processes that they must comply with (such as systems approach to training standards).

ALaRMS™ is fully compatible with training quality standards.

Some organisations have adopted internal training quality management standards that mirror the core principals of systems approach to training and ISO 9001. Although language and methods may deviate, the underlaying principals tend to be the same. ALaRMS has been developed to meet these core principals with a large degree of customisation to easily reflect the nuances of internal training quality management standards such as those employed by the UK Ministry of Defence and wider industry (such as Aviation Industry S6000T).

ALaRMS offers organisations a regulated, governed and managed path to:

  • Work in a more efficient way by aligned processes and broad consensus of operating procedures across the organisation. This increases productivity and efficiency, bringing internal costs down.
  • Adhere to the necessary statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Identify risks in your training system and in operational roles caused by the training system.
  • Create an ongoing focus on improvement. Reacting to changes in the internal and external environment is necessary if you want to continue to deliver value for your customers, create efficiencies, limit risk and stay safe. This is of paramount importance today when conditions evolve so quickly.
  • Evidence-based decision making. Making decisions is never easy and naturally involves a degree of certainty, but ensuring your decisions are based on the analysis and evaluation of data is more likely to produce the desired result.

ALaRMS™ customer base:

Our customer base includes all industries that are required to provide fully regulated, compliance and assured training for high-risk and complex occupations:

  • Civil and Military Aviation
  • Civil and Military Maritime/Shipping/Coastguard
  • Military (Ground Forces) and firearms
  • Police, Fire and Ambulance
  • Defence Industry
  • Rail
  • Mining/Oil and Gas
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Engineering and Production Industries
  • Space Industry and National/International Space Organisations
  • Medicine/Pharma
  • Finance/Insurance

ALaRMS™ is perfect for organisations that:

  • rely on highly trained personnel to conduct potentially high-risk and complicated tasks as part of their occupation.
  • need to manage training gaps effectively to minimise risk-to-life and safety.
  • need to manage complex initial and recurrent training in order to provide suitably qualified and experienced personnel for duties.
  • need to manage quality and assure training in accordance with regulations and standards.
  • may need to prove what training has been conducted as evidence following an incident.
  • need to provide standardised training against mandated and regulated standards.
  • need to justify, report or prove its training practices and standards to third parties or governing bodies.

ALaRMS™ Development Roadmap: