Project Description

The Training Management System for ASD and ADA S600T Standard in Aerospace: The Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and The Aerospace Industries Association of America (ASA) new S6000T training Management Process is a welcome bench mark in driving standardisation of training analysis and design processes. However to implement and manage S6000T through life requires expertise and commitment from the organisation. This is where Aquila Learning’s expert consultants and ALaRMS technology can help; providing an efficient and effective way to meet S6000T requirements and associated standards such as Defence Systems Approach to Training standards (commonly used by the militaries of USA, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, UK and other European Nations).

ALaRMS Training Management System is built on core fundamental framework of instructional systems design (ISD) and systems approach to training methods (such as ADDIE). It seamlessly ties together training analysis, design, delivery and evaluation (assurance) in one system.

ALaRMS allows for the efficient, effective and safe management and delivery of training in high-risk sectors such as Aerospace. The application is incredibly intuitive to use and makes systems approach to training agile and truly responsive.

The ASD and AIA S6000T Process can be found here at the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe specification site:

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The Aquila Learning Team.