Expert services that make sense of complex training and associated risk.

We offer innovative training services, applications and solutions to a broad range of industries where the management of risk is a significant factor. These include Aviation, Defence and Security among others. Our services help these organisations to manage, deliver, optimise and assure training for demanding and potentially high-risk occupations, creating training systems and front-line operations that are efficient, effective and safe.

Our people are our strength, bringing a huge amount of experience and professionalism from a number of industries and professions. These include defence and security, aviation, emergency services, intelligence and corporate backgrounds among others.

We are experts in consultancy and project management for the analysis, design, delivery, evaluation and assurance of complex training systems.

We developed and distribute ALaRMS™; the Aquila Learning and Risk Management System. A truly innovative software application that manages training end-to-end and makes ‘systems approach to training’ agile and responsive.

We provide expert instruction and courses in a number of training related subjects.

ALaRMS™. Aquila Learning and Risk Management System.

The world’s most comprehensive Training Management System – built specifically for those organisations operating in high-risk environments.

ALaRMS has been designed with a ‘systems approach’ to training methodology at its core, allowing organisations to manage training end-to-end, and not just the delivery of training like standard learning management systems (LMS) on the market. As a result, ALaRMS is compliant with systems approach to training standards, creating an automated and manageable Training Quality Management Standard.

ALaRMS seamlessly ties together the 4 pillars of learning management into one integrated TMS; Analysis, Design, Delivery, Assurance.

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Why robust training management is crucial to your organisation.

If you are in the business of employing people to conduct roles that require a high degree of training and assurance to stay safe and effective, then investment in training management is incredibly important. Creating an optimised training system with Aquila (through detailed analysis, design, delivery and assurance) will ensure the training you employ is efficient, effective and keeps your people and assets safe in a variety of high-risk environments.

When you manage training in this way it becomes very easy to analyse why, what and how you train. This becomes incredibly important when an organisation needs to:

  • ensure training meets the true operational requirements.
  • ensure that all training gaps are understood and mitigated.
  • ensure training is continually improving.
  • create efficiencies while optimising training delivery.
  • justify spend on expensive training programmes.
  • prove how training was delivered and to what standard following an incident.

Our customer base includes those industries that are required to provide fully regulated and assured training for high-risk and complex occupations:

  • Civil and Military Aviation
  • Civil and Military Maritime/Shipping
  • Military (Ground Forces) and firearms
  • Police, Fire and Ambulance
  • Defence Industry
  • Coastguard
  • Train Operators
  • Mining/Oil and Gas
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Space Industry and National/International Space Organisations
  • Medicine

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