Innovative technologies and services for complex training needs.

Technologies and services to analyse, design, deliver and assure world class training and associated risk for demanding, high-risk and high-compliance occupations.


Our products and services.

Learning Technology

ALaRMS™ – Aquila Learning (and Resource Management) System. The future of training management for high risk and heavily regulated industries.

Consultancy and Support Services

Expert consultancy, technology support and outsourced programme management for complex training needs; to include analysis, design, evaluation, assurance, analytics.

We are proud to work with:

ALaRMS™. Aquila Learning and Resource Management System.

A Training Management System built for organisations operating in complex, high-risk and highly regulated environments.

ALaRMS™ has been designed with a ‘systems approach’ to training methodology at its core, allowing organisations to manage training end-to-end, and not just the delivery of training like standard learning management systems (LMS) on the market. As a result, ALaRMS™ seamlessly ties together 4 pillars of learning management; allowing you to seamlessly manage Analysis, Design, Delivery, Assurance via a single system or integrate with existing systems (such as your LMS, LCMS or Analytics Suite). ALaRMS™ can be used as a standalone TMS utilising its own native tools or as part of a larger ecosystem, interoperating with other applications. 

ALaRMS™ is highly configurable and can work alongside different training standards, across multiple industries. These include Defence; Aviation & Space; Maritime; Rail; Nuclear & Energy; Medicine & Pharma; and high compliance corporates among others.

With four innovative modules, ALaRMS™ can be deployed as a single system or flexibly as part of your integrated learning technologies ecosystem.


Intuitive tools that make easy work of complex training needs analysis.

Task & Competency Analysis

Easy to use tools for the analysis of job, role or team competencies.

Training Options Analysis

Analyse and identify training methods, media and costings.

Training Analysis

Quickly identify and articulate training needs and associated training objectives.


Fully configurable Data Model & UI

Configure multiple analysis frameworks and attributes to meet your organisation’s needs.


Easy design tools that drive standardisation and quality for lessons, assessments, courses and survey production.

Lesson & Assessment Design and Content Management

Fully configurable templates backed by a content store to drive standardisation and quality.

Course & Training Path Design

Easy to use tools for the design and build of complex and lengthy training courses.

Survey and Report Design

Easy design and build of digital evaluation surveys and  student/instructor reporting.





Deliver complex courses and manage resources with our easy to use course setup, schedule and student/instructor portals.

Course Setup and Loading

Incredibly fast course setup and loading to save time and effort.


Dynamic training schedule with quick edit features and automation. 

Instructor and Student Portals

Intuitive instructor and student portals with push notifications.

Instructor and Student Records

Lifetime records with automated recording, XAPI integrations and easy uploads.


Innovative tools that drive effectiveness, efficiency and safety in training and the workplace.

Training Risk Management

Innovative tools that drive the management of risk associated with training delivery, gaps and output standards.

Evaluation Management

Manage live evaluations, improve completion rates and drive continual improvement.

Data Analytics

Data analytics for evidence based decision making and continual improvement.


Competency Management

Easy to use dashboard to manage workforce currency and competency.

Consulting and Support Services.

Aquila Learning helps organisations make sense of complex training and associated risk through expert consultancy and training courses.


For organisations requiring professional consultancy and training, Aquila Learning offers a wealth of training and management experience. Whether your requirement is for a scoping study, analysis, design, delivery or assurance, we are experts in helping organisations form a clear picture of their true requirements and the systems needed to manage these.

Effective. Efficient. Safe.

Why robust training management is crucial to your organisation.

If you employ people to conduct roles that require a high degree of training and assurance to be effective and/or safe in the workplace, then investment in training management is incredibly important. By adopting robust training management practices your organisation can easily drive standardisation, quality and assurance of training activity; this ultimately produces training solutions that meet output standards, are cost effective and mitigate skills gaps that may pose a risk.

Creating an optimised training system with Aquila and the ALaRMS™ Software Application will ensure the training you employ is efficient, effective and keeps your people and assets safe.

Client Success Stories.

Having an application that was specifically built to manage and assure training end to end is hugely beneficial. We can achieve so much more in a short amount of time, knowing that the training we produce is compliant with military training principals such as DSAT and is fully optimised.

Royal Air Force P8 Poseidon Force

We have been delivering and using the Aquila Learning and Risk Management System (ALaRMS) for nearly 2 years now for a major Government programme. It is highly responsive and effective, saving significant time whilst also creating a fully assured training management environment. The Aquila team are really helpful in supporting us and I couldn’t recommend their services highly enough.

Copernicus Technology

An excellent product that really allows you to put all your training into one Training Management System from analysis to evaluation.

Jolts Consulting