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Having an application that was specifically built to manage and assure complex training end to end is hugely beneficial.

Royal Air Force P8 Poseidon Force

Based on Royal Air Force (RAF) and United States Navy training material, we have teamed with Aquila Learning (UK), Copernicus Technology Limited (UK), and Catalyst Cloud (NZ) to deliver the training solution.

Beca & Royal New Zealand Air Force P8 Poseidon Force

A single application that drives efficiency, coherence and standardisation across the Type 26 and Hunter Class Frigate task analysis; training analysis; and training design programmes.

BAE Systems Type 26 and Hunter Class Frigate

ALaRMS provides the training management capability at the centre of the iCAVS (D) programme. An advanced synthetic training capability provided by Elbit Systems UK for the British Army. ALaRMS allows users to plan, schedule/book, design and deliver training while exploiting data for evaluation, insights and continual improvement.

Army/Elbit Systems UK

ALaRMS is a really impressive and fully integrated solution for training management, delivery and assurance. It is a key enabler to the modernisation of officer training within the Royal Air Force.

Royal Air Force college cranwell

ALaRMS has been a game changer for our Army and wider Defence contracts. An excellent product that really allows you to put all your training into one Training Management System from analysis to evaluation. A truly powerful tool providing an integrated training management capability. Best we’ve ever seen.

JOLTS Consulting

We have been delivering and using the Aquila Learning and Risk Management System (ALaRMS) for 2 years on a major Government programme. It is highly responsive and effective, saving significant time whilst also creating a fully assured Training Management environment. The Aquila team are really helpful in supporting us and I couldn’t recommend their services highly enough.

Copernicus technology

ALaRMS is a modern training management system with an incredibly intuitive interface. ALaRMS allows all aircrew and engineer training, both formal and workplace, to be managed, delivered and assured with ease.

Royal Air Force A400M Atlas