A client story. Jolts Consulting.

ALaRMS has been a game changer for our Army and wider Defence contracts. An excellent product that really allows you to put all your training into one Training Management System from analysis to evaluation. A truly powerful tool providing an integrated training management capability. Best we’ve ever seen.

JOLTS Consulting

The Requirement.  Jolts Consulting are a specialist training consultancy who work closely with the UK Armed Forces and wider Defence Industry. They needed an intuitive and easy to use training management system that would allow them to improve efficiency, collaboration and remote working practices with their clients. Their main area of need was to improve the way they conducted Role, Team and Collective training analysis; Learning Analysis; and Lesson, Assessment and Course Design.


The brief was very clear: ‘Revolutionise the way we conduct our training consultancy work through innovative technology. Help us to increase efficiency, quality, standardisation and compliance while improving our collaborative and remote work practices with our clients’.


The Solution.  Aquila Learning worked closely with Jolts to fully understand their pinch points and where they wanted to improve their working practices with technology. For Jolts is was about achieving excellence and giving their client base the best possible experience. ALaRMS was chosen as the perfect tool for their needs; a cloud based application that would offer a collaborative working space for their staff and clients, while delivering really user friendly tools. The effect was increased efficiency, quality and compliance. Jolts have been using the ALaRMS Analysis, Design and Assurance Tools throughout 2020 with the British Army and wider Defence Industry with fantastic feedback.