ALaRMS™. Deploy as one fully integrated training management system or choose the independent modules and tools you need.

Analytics Dashboard Feature

Assurance Module

Tools that help you manage training evaluation, training risk and data to drive continual improvement, audit and assurance activity.

Manage quality of training and risk through detailed evaluation, audit and assurance.

Assurance Module Features

Risk Management

Easily identify and manage risks to training, workplace operations and life associated with your current training programmes.


Evaluate all your training to maximise continual improvement, quality, efficiency and safety.


Whole system training data at your finger tips.

Training Risk Management

Easily identify and manage risks associated with training.

  • Easy to use and configurable Risk  Tools and Matrixes.
  • Automatically record training gaps for onward analysis of risk to life, output standards and workplace operations.
  • Record and analyse training risk against each role and training course.
  • Export data for management review.
  • Helps you correlate training risks with wider organisation risk and safety data.




Evaluate all your training to maximise improvement.

Manage all live evaluations and access archived data. Easily view outstanding surveys and completion rates in one user interface.


Whole system training data at your finger tips.

The analytics tool puts big data at your finger tips, helping you to analyse trends, create management statistics and provide valuable assurance on all training activity.

  • Training Data Analytics.
  • Training Risk Analytics.
  • Student Performance Analytics.
  • Trends and Management Statistics.
  • And much more.

The risk bit explained.

No matter what your business or industry does, the need for our people to execute their operational tasks to the required standard is essential. Therefore understanding skills gaps is key to mitigation potential risks.

In fact understanding the risks posed to your organisation due to deficiencies in knowledge, skills and attitudes (or behaviours) is often the difference between success and failure; and in some industries life and death. That’s why we have embedded tools that help you uncover, analyse and manage key training gaps and other risks associated with the competence of your people.

Consulting and Support Services.

Aquila Learning helps organisations make sense of complex training and associated risk through expert consultancy and training courses.


For organisations requiring professional consultancy and training, Aquila Learning offers a wealth of training and management experience. Whether your requirement is for a scoping study, analysis, design, delivery or assurance, we are experts in helping organisations form a clear picture of their true requirements and the systems needed to manage these.