ALaRMS™.  The training management system for demanding & complex training.

ALaRMS™ helps you to create training that is efficient, effective and safe.

ALaRMS™ offers so much more than a standard Learning Management System (LMS). By combining four incredibly intuitive modules, ALaRMS™ delivers the right mix of analysis, design, delivery, evaluation and assurance in one integrated system. ALaRMS™ is the only one of its kind, bringing the fundamental aspects of training management, training delivery and training risk management to highly regulated industries. 

Want to know more?

With four innovative modules, ALaRMS™ can be deployed as a single system or flexibly as part of your integrated learning technologies ecosystem.


Make easy work of complex role, options and training needs analysis.


Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork and man hours. ALaRMS™ allows you to design training that always meets your operational requirements.


Schedule, manage and deliver complex training with the ALaRMS™ Delivery Tool.


Manage quality of training and risk through detailed evaluation, audit and assurance.

A few of our favourite ALaRMS™ features...

Student and Instructor Portals

Incredibly intuitive student and instructor interfaces.

Our student and instructor profiles are incredibly easy to use, providing easy access to all the content and training information they need all the time.

Role Analysis Tool

Make easy work of complex job, role and competency analysis.

ALaRMS™ offers an incredibly user-friendly analysis tool to create the task and competency data you need for onward training needs analysis and design. The configurable nature of the tool provides for team, collective and individual task and training analysis.

Training Path Builder

Quickly and easily build complex training courses.

Create entire courses that link lessons, assessments, evaluation surveys and much more into one sequenced pathway. These master training paths allow for rapid scheduling and standardisation across multiple course deliveries.

Schedule Tool

Schedule and amend entire courses at a touch of a button.

Quick setup with auto-scheduling of entire courses. Auto-conflict management and easy schedule amendments to timings, locations, resources, students and instructors.

Assurance Module

Drive continual improvement, audit and assurance activity.

Inuitive tools that make easy work of evaluation management, data insights and the management of risk associated with the training system.

ALaRMS™ is fully compatible with training quality standards.

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Some organisations have adopted internal training quality management standards that mirror the core principals of systems approach to training and quality standards such as ISO 9001. Although language and methods may deviate, the underlaying principals tend to be the same. ALaRMS™ has been developed to meet these core principals with a large degree of customisation to easily reflect the nuances of internal training quality management standards. These include (but are not limited to) those employed by the UK Ministry of Defence and wider industry (DSAT QMS), Australian Department of Defence (SADL) or the Aviation Industry (S6000T) for example.

ALaRMS™ offers organisations a digitally regulated, governed and managed path to:

Cloud or training LAN ready

Web enabled and ready for cloud hosting or on your own internal training LAN.

Intuitive and modern user experience

A simple and intuitive human machine interface makes using ALaRMS™ a doddle for all.


ALaRMS™ has been built to comply with quality standards inc ISO 9001 and DSAT QMS.

XAPI, SCORM, AICC Compatible

Fully compatible with XAPI, SCORM and AICC as required.

Fully scalable

Scale ALaRMS™ to meet your organisation’s needs. Fully customisable across the 4 tools and unlimited capacity.

Audit ready and assurable

Fully linked data from analysis to delivery, version control and user archives as standard.

System query and reporting

Query data sets and create training statistics for decision making, investigation and assurance purposes.

Manage training risk

Identify, register and manage all training gaps and wider risks to the training system.


A perfect fit for all organisations and true global utility with customisable structure, utility and language.

Mobile ready

Fully mobile device ready. Access lesson and learning material from smart phones and tablets.

ALaRMS™ customer base

Our customer base includes all industries that are required to provide fully regulated, compliance and assured training for high-risk and complex occupations.

ALaRMS™ is perfect for organisations that:

Consulting and Support Services.

Aquila Learning helps organisations make sense of complex training and associated risk through expert consultancy and training courses.


For organisations requiring professional consultancy and training, Aquila Learning offers a wealth of training and management experience. Whether your requirement is for a scoping study, analysis, design, delivery or assurance, we are experts in helping organisations form a clear picture of their true requirements and the systems needed to manage these.