ALaRMS™. Deploy as one fully integrated training management system or choose the independent modules and tools you need.

Delivery Module

Schedule, manage and deliver complex training programmes, resources and multimedia content with innovative and easy to use tools. 

Schedule complex training courses, administer multiple users, manage diverse training resources.

Delivery Module Features


Schedule, manage and amend entire courses programmes at a touch of a button.


Quick and easy course setup, student and instructor loading.

Student Portal

Intuitive student portal that digitally pushes all training information and content with automated records.

Instructor Portal

Everything an instructor needs to prepare and deliver training.

Schedule Tool

Schedule entire courses at the touch of a button.

  • Auto-scheduling of entire courses, including lessons, assessments, extra-curricular events and evaluation surveys.
  • Quick and easy course amendments with automated push notifications to student and instructor portals.
  • Quick and easy conflict management.
  • Multiple schedule views.
Course Management

Quickly set up entire training programmes and load students.

Intuitive user interface to quickly load students and programme entire courses into the schedule.

Student Portal

Detailed student profiles accessible on PC, tablet and mobile.

Personalised student portal with automated training records. The Student portal allows all training information, notifications and content to be pushed digitally and accessed from multiple devices.

Instructor Profile

All the information instructors need through a single intuitive interface.

An instructor portal that provides everything you need to deliver training with automated records of your instructional activity. Access all teaching content and data digitally via multiple devices. 

Won't make use of all 4 tools or need something extra? No problem.

ALaRMS™ is incredibly flexible and easily configured to your needs. So if you have bespoke requirements, please get in touch. We’re full of good ideas.

Consulting and Support Services.

Aquila Learning helps organisations make sense of complex training and associated risk through expert consultancy and training courses.


For organisations requiring professional consultancy and training, Aquila Learning offers a wealth of training and management experience. Whether your requirement is for a scoping study, analysis, design, delivery or assurance, we are experts in helping organisations form a clear picture of their true requirements and the systems needed to manage these.