A client story. Copernicus Technology.

We have been delivering and using the Aquila Learning and Risk Management System (ALaRMS) for 2 years on a major Government programme. It is highly responsive and effective, saving significant time whilst also creating a fully assured Training Management environment. The Aquila team are really helpful in supporting us and I couldn’t recommend their services highly enough.

Copernicus technology

The Requirement. Copernicus Technology were chosen as the training analysis and course design team for the Royal Air Force P8 Poseidon programme in 2019. They have been working as an embedded team with the Royal Air Force to conduct all role analysis, learning analysis and course design since. The Royal Air Force needed an end-to-end training management system that would allow the ‘Whole Force’ (military, civilian and contractors working together) access, collaboration and remote working.


The Solution. The ALaRMS training management system was chosen as the winning solution in a competitive tender in 2018 and was brought into service with the new P8 Poseidon Force in January 2019. ALaRMS offered the P8 Poseidon force a single integrated technology that would digitise their entire training management process through Training Analysis, Training Design, Training Delivery and Training Assurance activity for all Aircrew, Engineer and Operations Support roles. The cloud based application was put through rigorous testing and achieved MODNET accreditation for deployment to the clients secure servers and drive connectivity across all user groups. These included HQ and Requirements, Training Management, Training Design, Scheduling, Assurance and Risk Management, Instructors and Students. 


The ALaRMS training management system has proven to be an incredibly powerful tool, linking up the ‘Whole Force’ (military, civilian and contractors) under one connected system. The benefits are huge, driving efficiency, collaboration, coherence and standardisation, compliance, safety and quality in training.