A client story. Royal Air Force P8 Poseidon.

Having an application that was specifically built to manage and assure complex aviation training end to end is hugely beneficial.

Royal Air Force P8 Poseidon Force

The Requirement.  The Royal Air Force’s new fleet of Boeing P8 Poseidon aircraft, based at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland, required a digital solution that would take the man-hours and complexity out of their training management and delivery needs. As with all UK Armed Forces, training for the P8 Poseidon Force had to meet the stringent compliance standards of the Defence Systems Approach to Training process. The process is designed to promote coherence, standardisation and quality of training across the UK Armed Forces which it does very well, but often at a significant cost (in human resource and man-hours) when applied to complex training requirements like those within the P8 Poseidon Force. Another key requirement was connectivity across a varied and geographically disparate group of users with very different user needs. 

With efficiency, ease of use and connectivity being key requirements, the P8 Poseidon Force required a system that would bring innovation and automation to their training management commitments, ultimately allowing them to do more with less, but maintain high standards and compliance. 

The Solution.  The ALaRMS training management system was chosen as the winning solution in a competitive tender and entered service with the new P8 Poseidon Force in January 2019. ALaRMS offers the P8 Poseidon Force a single integrated technology that would digitise their entire training management process through Training Analysis, Training Design, Training Delivery and Training Assurance activity for Aircrew, Engineer and Operations Support roles. The cloud based application was put through rigorous testing and achieved MODNET accreditation for deployment to the clients secure servers and drive connectivity across all user groups. These included HQ and Requirements; Training Management;Training Design; Scheduling; Assurance and Risk Management; Instructors and Students. 

In support of the application, Aquila Learning has also provided the RAF with specialist training and consultancy to maximise the use of ALaRMS. This has been conducted both onsite and remotely with excellent feedback.

ALaRMS™ has created a reported 75% saving in time to conduct complex role analysis and training analysis.*

*As reported by the RAF P8 Poseidon Team