RAF P8 Poseidon Training Management System.

Aquila Learning Ltd, working with Copernicus Technology Ltd, have successfully delivered a ground-breaking Training Management System to support the Poseidon MRA Mk1 at RAF Lossiemouth, via a contract with Defence Equipment & Support. The Aquila Learning and Risk Management System (ALaRMS) enables organisations to analyse, design, deliver, and assure complex training programmes for high-risk occupations such as those in aviation. 

Mark Radbourne from Aquila Learning said. ‘We are delighted to see ALaRMS, which closely adheres to Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) requirements, being used exactly where it adds most value; right here on a flagship military programme such as the P-8. ALaRMS really is a game changer in training management and assurance, allowing for incredibly complex training systems to be managed and assured safely, effectively and efficiently.’

Roo Hornby, the Copernicus Technology MPA/ISR Division Director, said ‘We have really enjoyed working with Aquila Learning in delivering ALaRMS for the Poseidon and are confident that it is a very strong and innovative training management product for many other areas of the RAF, Defence and beyond’.


The Poseidon Course Design Team of 54 Squadron can now progress a number of training streams that will ensure all aircrew, maintenance and mission support staff are effectively prepared as the Poseidon aircraft arrives in the UK in early 2020 and accelerates towards Full Operating Capability in 2024.

Sqn Ldr Rich Jones said. ‘Having an application that was specifically built to manage and assure aviation training end to end is hugely beneficial. We can achieve so much more in a short amount of time, knowing that the training we produce is compliant with military training principles such as DSAT and is fully optimised’.