ALaRMS; A fully MODNET accredited Training Management 
System for use within the Ministry of Defence.

Following a robust testing and accreditation process, the Aquila Learning ALaRMS application is now accredited for use across the Ministry of Defence’s MODNET network. This is a huge milestone for ALaRMS technology and opens up a future path for wider MOD adoption.


ALaRMS is the first end-to-end training management system (analysis, design, delivery, assurance) specifically designed for defence, security and other high-risk industry. ALaRMS digitises the entire Systems Approach to Training process generating significant improvements in efficiency and cost savings. ALaRMS generates better insights, evidence based decision making, training optimisation and the management of risk associated with training gaps.


A huge thank you to the Teams at DES, MOD Corsham and Copernicus Technology who all worked to achieve the accreditation.